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What do we do?

The Services We Offer 

At TheraKids, we offer evaluations and therapy services for children age birth to 21 with varying exceptionalities. 

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The trained Speech-Language Pathologists at TheraKids, Inc. can complete a diagnostic evaluation and treatment sessions for children with:

Language Disorders

Late Talking

Language Learning Disabilities

Language Processing Disorders

Semantic-Pragmatic Disorders

Developmental and Cognitive Delays

High and Low-tech Augmentative Communication (AAC)


Articulation Disorders

Phonological Processing Disorders

Motor Speech Disorders

Fluency Disorders


Hearing Loss

Aided Hearing and Cochlear Implants

Auditory Verbal Approach for Hearing Loss

Auditory Processing Deficits


Reading Disorders


Written Language Disorders


Feeding Aversion (can be associated with sensory or behavioral difficulties)

Picky Eating

Swallowing Difficulties

Oral Motor Deficits

Tethered Oral Tissues (Tongue, Lip, Cheek Ties)

Cleft Lip/Palate


We also specialize in working with children with: Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Down Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, and various other genetic, chromosomal, and neurodiverse disorders.

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Does Your Child Need Our Services?

Early Language Skills

Your child should exhibit the following:

Newborn babies - Should cry or startle from sudden or loud sounds

By 2 to 3 months - Should recognize familiar voices; have begun to "coo"

By 4 months - Should turn towards sounds; make non-speech sounds like "raspberries," yelling, growling, etc.

By 6 months - Should begin babbling

By 9 months - Should be able to imitate some sounds

By 12 months - Most children have used their first word.

Speech Evaluations

Does your child produce speech sounds appropriately for their age?

Are they 3 years old and still not understood when they speak?

Do they frequently have to repeat what they are saying in order to help others understand?


Are they frustrated with their own speech?

Language Evaluations

Is your child having difficulty functioning in the school environment?

Is your child falling behind on their school assignments and/or having difficulty following directions?

Does your child have difficulty learning new information?

Written Language Evaluations

Does your child take longer than average to complete written assignments?

Does your child verbally express thoughts/ideas, but has difficulty writing the same thoughts/ideas?

Does your child have difficulty determining or using appropriate punctuation and capitalization?

Does your child have trouble spelling?

Does your child have trouble with writing assignments in school?

Oral Motor/Feeding/Swallowing

Does your infant have difficulty latching on or staying attached to breast or bottle during feedings?

Does your infant fatigue very easily during feedings?

Does your infant have a lot of formula, breast milk, or saliva that spills from his/her mouth during or after feedings?

Does your infant have greater than normal amounts of vomiting or projectile vomiting after eating?

Is your baby not gaining enough weight to maintain adequate placement on the growth chart?

Is your baby having significant difficulty transitioning from Stage 2 foods to Stage 3 and table foods?

Is your child a messy eater?

Does your child have less than 15 foods that they will eat?


Does your child prolong or repeat "er" or "um"?

Does your child prolong initial sounds in words (e.g. mmmmm-mommy)?

Does your child prolong sounds/parts of words/repeat words and show tension in their lips/tongue/neck? 

Language Processing

Does your child have difficulty following directions?

Does your child have difficulty learning when given on auditory information?

Does your child have difficulty organizing information?

Does your child shy away from school work?


Does your child have difficulty reading and understanding a simple sentence?


Does your child have difficulty answering questions about the content/main idea/details of a story?

Does your child have trouble reading smoothly and accurately?

Does your child have difficulty identifying the sounds that letters make?

Does your child have age appropriate spelling skills?

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During an initial evaluation, one of our Speech-Language Pathologists will:

  • Review your child's medical history and previous testing.

  • Review any school notes or plans (IEPs) you have brought with you

  • Evaluate your child  

  • Briefly review testing results

After our evaluation, a written report is completed and sent to the parents/caregivers and the referring physician.

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Therapy sessions are scheduled by our front desk personnel according to therapist availability. We do try our best to make appointment times that are accommodating for families.

Therapy sessions are scheduled one or more times weekly, for 30 to 60 minutes per session, depending on the child's needs and therapist's availability. 

We use a variety of evidence based approaches that we will personalize to your child's particular needs, and we provide guidance for families to implement plans at home.

We now offer therapy sessions in person and online via a secure HIPAA compliant server.

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